Global Back Care Testimonials

I’ve been running the Global Back Care program for close to 10 years and during that time have seen thousands of people in seminars, in fitness classes, individually and through the purchase of the program over the internet.

Here’s what some of them have had to say about the program.

I hope it gives you the confidence to purchase the program and make an immediate start on getting your body back in alignment, pain free and strong enough to do every day tasks in comfort.

John Miller

I can now bend over

It got to the point late last year where I could not bend over and then to the point where I was in serious acute pain and could not even go from standing to sitting (or reverse) without major spasms.

My physiotherapist provided me with some exercises and they were helping but I knew that what you had provided were much more comprehensive.

I can now bend over, get up in the morning and be able to move and don't have constant pain. Initially if I missed one day of exercises I was in real trouble by that night but now I am able to do so (sometimes
circumstances as such that they just don't happen) and I am still ok - I believe that my overall alignment is improving and even though I still have a way to go am at least not living with constant pain.


No more chiropractor

I am a 56 yo male Senior Executive with a desk job that also involves frequent plane travel. Prior to attending the Global Back Care Clinic I was a regular visitor to chiropractors seeking relief from chronic lower back pain, exacerbated by unequal hip height.

Although these visits relieved the problem temporarily, they left me unsatisfied that I was really addressing the underlying cause. Since attending John's program I have been able to maintain flexibility and build strength in my lower back to such an extent that I have not neede d chiropractic manipulation.


A huge difference

… I have found that the exercises and the direction you have given me have made a huge difference to my back problem (bulging discs around L4, L5).

I was on pain medication daily for about 5 months and no longer require them. Since you directed me with these exercises my condition is improving. This has also made me aware that the operation would have only been a mask of the problem as I was never told what caused this problem or any alternate methods of correcting it. I have no doubt that this is the better way to deal with this condition. As you said this would take at least 8 to 12 months, I still have a long way to go. Thanks heaps:


I think we should call this a success

Hi John. First, I am doing incredibly well. I have no pain at all.

I found a good massage therapist who also has a background in orthopedic medicine and exercise physiology and she altered one of the piriformis stretches to keep that sacro-illiac joint in a closed position and I feel like all the stretching has made a remarkable difference in retraining those muscles to return to a more normal position.

I have also begun to work on the postural muscles in my back

I do my stretching morning and evening still.

I flew home to see my son a week ago and was able to walk all day every day by the shore and had NO pain, even though I was sleeping on a pull out sofa bed.

I think we should call this a success.


Better than chiropractic and physiotherapy

… I found that your approach provided what my chiropractic and physio experience did not; a suite of practical and convenient exercises that improve your posture and encourage back awareness, alignment and care.

I do them regularly and they have been a great help - certainly much more practical assistance (and education) than I have received previously.


Distinct improvement

… I have been doing many of the exercises daily.

Almost immediately I noticed a distinct improvement in the pain in my back - to the point that my back is virtually un-stiff when I get up in the morning now. It may sound corny, but you have changed my life (for now, anyway).


A great resource

I have found that your exercises … certainly assisted me to overcome back, neck and shoulder problems. The information you provided in clinics and books has been a great resource and has assisted to improve my health. I would recommend to anyone, particularly those who undertake computer based work.


I no longer suffer back pain

Prior to completing your program I was suffering from back pain on regular basis.

As a result of the regular exercise and stretching covered by you in your session I have strengthened my core and I no longer suffer back pain.


Simple, but it works

Prior to learning the Global Back Care exercises my back was moderately sore most days and my neck and shoulders were as stiff as a board with occasional headaches, and I had a monthly massage by a physio to release the stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I no longer need this regular massage.

I have found your approach simple, but it works. I am happy to speak on your behalf anytime.

Greg - Research Scientist

Where would I be now

I have attended 2 of your Global Back Care programs in the our Newcastle Office.

I often wonder where I would be now if not for the exercise routine you presented in your program. My problems manifested themselves in my right neck and shoulder. I did not focus on this when exercising but started by doing all the exercises from your handout once a week. I also did an abridged version (always doing the hip crossover) a few times per week. Over the years I have incorporated massage and some physio, yoga and cycling to arrive at a very good place. It has all helped with the neck and shoulder issues which do flare up from time to time but are not disabling as they once were.


Amazing results

Many years ago you taught me a daily exercise routine to help me with chronic lower back pain. I've practiced this routine religiously ever since with amazing results. I am pain free and able to participate in strenuous activities without any problems. I recently completed The Great Ocean Walk (104km) that would have once been impossible. I'm very grateful to you.


I wish I had done this 30 years ago

I took your advice and have been doing pilates which goes through much of the program that you worked on with me. I do squats, sit ups, push ups and buttock stretch regularly and have gone from a back that could drop me to the floor without warning to playing golf two or three times a week, swimming, bike riding and walking with no pain in the back or the sciatic nerve of the right leg.

Truly amazing but it took time and perseverance but worth every minute. I wish I had done this thirty years ago, certainly before computers became the major work tool.


Never felt fitter

I attended one of your clinics a few years ago and was able to incorporate your exercises into my own fitness program and this had lead to an improvement in my back problems and has resulted in me visiting Chiro’s on a much less basis. By incorporating your exercises plus my own fitness regime I have never been fitter and approaching 50 am probably fitter than I was 25 years ago. Thanks heaps.


Highly recommended

How's this? After doing your program, my body felt years younger and my back problems disappeared. The decrease in pain and increase in flexibility was amazing and very welcome. I still do the stretching and flexibility exercises regularly. Highly recommended.


I attended the session that you delivered in Hobart in 2008 I did gain a wealth of information that inspired me to take responsibility for my own spinal health.

I re-discovered the benefits of improved flexibility and I have since committed to a regular stretching routine that is certainly improving my spinal health and general wellbeing. By following the principles of the Global Back Care program I have seen a measurable improvement in my core strength, flexibility and range of joint mobility. Many thanks,



I attended you’re the Global Back Care program a couple of years ago and found the course very enlightening and worthwhile. Since the program I have performed most of the exercises demonstrated every night with very good results. I encourage by family and work mates with back complaints to do the same. Regards



John, I find I am more supple with practicing the exercises you taught me taught to me.

My husband has also started using my sheet of exercises to help his flexibility. The exercises are challenging and it is amazing what the body can do once it starts being gently stretched. My back problem has improved tremendously.


Informative and helpful

I found your session very informative and helpful to me. I have been doing some of your exercises at the gym after my regular workout and I feel that the stretching after my gym workout is really helping to relieve stress and tension within both my mind and body.

I have also been concentrating on strengthening my core body muscles, as my back feels better when I do these exercises. I have little to no problems sleeping since I have been going to the gym regularly and stretching at the end of each workout, with some of the exercises you prescribed. I find the glute stretch you prescribed very useful and the one where you cross your legs and push your bottom to the wall.



The key to reducing pain is getting your bones back into better alignment.

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