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Do you suffer from Shoulder PAIN?

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I’ll provide you with definite clues as to why you’re in pain and what you can do to relieve it.

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Simple, but it works

Prior to learning the Global Back Care exercises my back was moderately sore most days and my neck and shoulders were as stiff as a board with occasional headaches, and I had a monthly massage by a physio to release the stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I no longer need this regular massage.

I have found your approach simple, but it works. I am happy to speak on your behalf anytime.

Greg - Research Scientist

Where would I be now

I have attended 2 of your Global Back Care programs in the our Newcastle Office.

I often wonder where I would be now if not for the exercise routine you presented in your program. My problems manifested themselves in my right neck and shoulder. I did not focus on this when exercising but started by doing all the exercises from your handout once a week. I also did an abridged version (always doing the hip crossover) a few times per week. Over the years I have incorporated massage and some physio, yoga and cycling to arrive at a very good place. It has all helped with the neck and shoulder issues which do flare up from time to time but are not disabling as they once were.


If you’re one of the millions of people around the world experiencing shoulder pain, I’ve got good news for you.

Shoulder Pain

In the Fix Shoulder Pain program I’ll show you where to look for the cause of your pain, who to blame, how to fix the problem for good - and become pain free.

There’s an epidemic of shoulder pain.

The number of people who injure their shoulders from such trivial incidents as putting a bag in an airline locker or a book on a shelf are legion.

While the incident gets the blame, the underlying cause of the dysfunction stays hidden from view.

Who can you blame?

In the normal scheme of things, the rehabilitation process for any musculo-skeletal pain pretty much follows that outlined in the ‘Six Phases of a Project’:

  1. Wild Enthusiasm
  2. Total Confusion
  3. Disillusionment
  4. Search for the Guilty
  5. Punishment of the Innocent
  6. Praise the Non-participants

… except that rarely is there a search for the guilty and if there is one, rarely does it come up with the right culprit. Doctors don’t know where to look and therapists usually get stuck into the spot where it hurts without bothering to check out what’s causing the either.

So where does shoulder pain come from?

Shoulder Pain Sympton 1

1. Shoulder pain is a symptom of a pelvis that is out of alignment.

Tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles pull pelvis back and down.

The natural ‘S’ shaped curve of the spine becomes a ‘C’ shape.

The head and shoulders move forward placing stress on soft tissues around the shoulders. Ligaments, tendons and muscles are stretched beyond their pain threshold

Bones are pulled out of alignment. It feels like your upper back and shoulders are on fire. You’re always hanging out for a shoulder massage.

2. Shoulder pain is a symptom of tight muscles in your upper back and shoulders.

If you don’t have a regular and systematic flexibility training program you’re setting yourself up for shoulder dysfunction. With the dysfunction comes the pain. You can’t remember when you did any stretching exercises for your arms and shoulders.

To give you an idea of what happens to your shoulders, take the shoulder function test.

shoulder dysfunction

If you can’t get the backs of your forearms, wrists and fingers comfortably back against the wall you’ve got shoulder dysfunction.

It’s a sign your calf, hamstring and buttock muscles are too tight, and/or the muscles at the front of your shoulders are too tight. When the pelvis tips back the shoulders go forward. Your shoulders can lose at least 30cm of function.

shoulder dysfunction on the floor

The inability to lie down with your arms flat on the floor is a sure sign that the muscles around your shoulders are too tight.

Loosen them.

3. Shoulder pain is a symptom that the muscles of your upper back and shoulders at too weak.

shoulder dumbels up

You have great difficulty lifting even a feather above your head, let alone a light weight. Without a strength training program you’ve been becoming weaker. You’ve been an incident waiting to happen.

Did your doctor tell you to start doing pressups and lifting weights? Doubtful, and yet that’s precisely what you need to do to restore poor function to good.

If you do the right strength and flexibility exercises there's a good chance you can fix your shoulder pain.

The Fix Shoulder Pain musculo-skeletal health program
will improve your strength and flexibility, and
restore poor shoulder function to good.

When it’s all boiled down, your shoulder dysfunction is a symptom of a body that’s weak, tight, out of alignment and not able to put up with the strains imposed upon it on a day to day basis.

If you can get your body back into alignment and strengthen and loosen the muscles around your shoulders, there’s a good chance your pain will go away.

Fix Shoulder Pain contains

  • an outline of some of the most common causes of shoulder pain. It will provide you with insight, awareness and understanding as to what’s causing your pain.
  • some of the basic principles that underpin good function
  • descriptions of some of the key exercises you need to do to get your body back into better alignment and get your neck back into good shape.
  • information about the benefits of a wide range of therapeutic modalities designed to speed up the rehab process.

Is this a quick fix?

Nope! Critical in all of this is the fact that you can’t expect a quick fix. Just as painful shoulders don’t happen over night, you can’t expect them to become painless over night either.

If you sign up for this program it could take a couple of months for you to really feel the benefits, but in 10 years time, you’ll be able to look back and say it was a couple of months well spent.

For the program to work, all you have to do is spend some time each day doing some simple strength and flexibility exercises. Some of them you can do on the floor while watching TV, it’s that easy.

Is this a quack fix?

Definitely not and I’ll tell you why. In most cases shoulder pain is a fitness problem generated by a lack of strength and flexibility which in turns leads to misalignment bones of the vertebrae and those attached to it. The shoulder bearings start to wear out and seize up.

You can’t solve a fitness problem with a medical solution, particularly where a drug is used to mask the pain.

You can’t solve a fitness problem with a rub down and a crunch.

Nor can you outsource your strength and flexibility training program to someone else.

What I’ve got for you in the Fix Shoulder Pain program is a complete set of strength and flexibility exercises to help set you on the road to recovery.

Is this a Cheap Fix?

Yep, it sure is. You can purchase the Fix Shoulder Pain ebook for $7us.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their shoulders back to 80% of good condition - if they’re diligent. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you, for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal ones being the condition is too far gone or you fail to put in the time doing the exercises.

You have to do something to yourself. That something is embarking on a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program. It’s the foundation of good musculo-skeletal, on which all other therapies rest.

If you do the exercises I recommend, as often as I recommend and for as long as I recommend, in 80 days you’ll be feeling much better. If you’re not, I’ll refund your money and apologise to you for wasting your time.

In a nutshell, what I’m going to do is:

  • give you a set of exercises that gets your shoulders back into alignment and better supported by the muscles around them.
  • save you a fortune pouring money into the pockets of therapists.

I’ll teach you to become your own therapist
I'll show you how to diagnose the likely cause(s) of your shoulder pain and I'll show you some of the key exercises you need to do to restore poor function to good.

It's highly likely that a some of your shoulder pain is coming from the same place that lower back pain comes from. This is why you need to do exercises to strengthen and loosen muscles further down your body.

Plus you'll need to strengthen and loosen the muscles around your shoulders.

If you don't have a regular set of shoulder exercises you're getting weaker and tighter by the day.

Best of all the Fix Shoulder Pain program is not going to cost you a fortune, just $7us, the cost of a milkshake and a Danish.

Is there a catch?

Yep, there sure is. I can give you the exercises but I can't do them for you.

Discover how you can get started today with the most appropriate, safe exercises to relieve your shoulder pain.

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The Fix Shoulder Pain ebook is 100% downloadable. IMMEDIATELY!

So you can start doing the key exercises I recommend, straight away, I've made the entire program digitally accessible in PDF format. You can be reading it in a couple of minutes.

If after three months you are not completely satisfied with the program, I’ll refund your money. All you have to do is give it your best shot. I won’t be cheerful about the refund because I’ll know I haven’t been able to help you.

At the click of a button you can have the Fix Shoulder Pain ebook delivered to your computer in minutes for $7us.

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Regards and best wishes for a pain free life.

John Miller