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  • Is it impossible to type, unscrew lids and lift light weights?
  • Have you had to start picking things up with your other hand?
  • Is icing, heating and rubbing failing to relieve your pain?

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Amazing results

Many years ago you taught me a daily exercise routine to help me with chronic lower back pain. I've practiced this routine religiously ever since with amazing results. I am pain free and able to participate in strenuous activities without any problems. I recently completed The Great Ocean Walk (104km) that would have once been impossible. I'm very grateful to you.


I wish I had done this 30 years ago

I took your advice and have been doing pilates which goes through much of the program that you worked on with me. I do squats, sit ups, push ups and buttock stretch regularly and have gone from a back that could drop me to the floor without warning to playing golf two or three times a week, swimming, bike riding and walking with no pain in the back or the sciatic nerve of the right leg.

Truly amazing but it took time and perseverance but worth every minute. I wish I had done this thirty years ago, certainly before computers became the major work tool.


  • Do your wrists hurt so much that you can no longer type without wincing?
  • Do your hands tingle after just 10 minutes at the computer?
  • Can you no longer sleep at night because the pain is so unbearable?
  • Are you relying on anti-inflammatory drugs and Panadol Forte to put up with the pain?
  • Is the best the OH&S staff has done is give you a gel pad?
  • Has your doctor recommended surgery, or your physio locked you in to an expensive and ongoing program that involves rubbing, heating and vibrating?

Here’s How To Relieve Wrist Pain Naturally?

Fix Wrist Pain ebook.

First, find out what’s causing the problem.

Second, embark on a systematic strength and flexibility training program that gets your body back in alignment and the muscles in your trunk, shoulders, arms and fingers strong enough to do the work they ware designed to do.

Third, treat wrist pain as a symptom of a range of dysfunctions, the cause of which lies in a lack of strength and flexibility in the muscles of your trunk, shoulders, arms, and hands. Once those muscles have been retrained to the job they’re meant to do, your wrist pain will have vanished.

That it should come to this!

The species designed to draw water, chop wood and climb trees can no longer tap a keyboard or push a mouse without coming down with painful wrists.

What’s the cause of wrist pain?


Wrist pain comes at the end of a long chain of dysfunction.

This is because the wrist is part of a complex set of levers and unless the whole musculo-skeletal ecosystem is working properly you can finish up with upper back, shoulder, arm, hand dysfunction all in one go. One of the symptoms is wrist pain.

If the system is not kept in good working order, it’s pretty much pot luck which part of it will go first.

Just focusing on what's happing at the spot where it’s painful may miss the point.

Wrist pain comes in a range of forms. One of the most common expressions used to describe it is repetitive strain injury, sometimes known as occupational overuse syndrome (OOS). The word 'syndrome' is medical speak for 'We don't know what the cause of the problem is.'

I suspect that the problem is not so much over use but under use. If you don't have a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program, for your body generally and your shoulders, arms and hands specifically, you're setting yourself up for wrist pain.

To put it bluntly, you're body is neither in correct alignment, nor is it strong enough to do the job you persistently do. And when you think about it, many of the jobs where people come down with wrist pain don’t look to be particularly strenuous. People are breaking down doing jobs that normal healthy people take in their stride.

When it comes to wrist pain, treat the body as a musculo-skeletal ecosystem.

Wrist pain is as much a general problem belonging to the whole musculo-skeletal ecosystem as it is a specific wrist problem.

You've heard of the song, 'The hip bone's connected to the back bone ...' It's true, a pelvis that's out of alignment will affect shoulders, arms and wrists.

Slump Dog

If, because of the way you sit at your desk your pelvis and shoulders get 'locked up' you dramatically increase the risk of wrist dysfunction.

When you look around a office and see people sitting with their backs in a ‘C’ shape and not the normal ‘S’ shape you know that back, shoulder, neck, arm, wrist and hand dysfunction are in the making.

Even if your sitting posture is good, just imagine how much strain you put on your arms and wrists by having them out-stretched in front of you for much of the day. Imagine the stress placed on shoulders and arms?

Sitting with hands out all day

What appears to be an easy job does, in fact require a considerable amount of strength to hold this position without the shoulders and wrists succumbing to dysfunction.

Typing is a lot different to writing. When people write, the wrist of the hand holding the pen is resting on the desk. The upper body is supported by the other arm or elbow resting on the desk.

Rarely, if ever is it demanded of people in offices that they take a few minutes out of their day to improve their strength and flexibility.

Typing has changed the mechanics of written communication. You have to be a lot stronger to perform the typing action, in trunk, shoulder, arm and hand muscles. Most people don't have a strength training program to prepare themselves for this task.

You must have optimal flexibility in the muscles designed to allow you to adopt the perfect sitting posture.

The sit down job is deceptively comfortable. We don't think we need a strength and flexibility training program to do this job without ending up in pain. We think wrong.

The value of therapy

Most therapies focus on the symptom (the pain), rather than the cause. They also tend to focus on the spot where it hurts and not on the total musculo-skeletal ecosystem. There’s a lot of rubbing, heating, vibrating and doping and not a lot of strength and flexibility exercises.

Without both a general and specific strength and flexibility training program the road to recovery will be long, slow, tortuous, frustrating and expensive.

I've repeatedly said in the Global Back Care ebook series that therapy speeds up the rehab process but doesn't take the place of the strength and flexibility training program you need to do for yourself.

Whilst you're being rubbed, heated, vibrated and doped you're not getting stronger or more flexible. Your condition is getting worse. You're being palliated, not fixed.

Wrist pain is not caused by a lack of rubbing, heating, vibrating or anti-inflammatory tablets.

The great tragedy of is most people leave their rehab program to therapists and fail to do anything for themselves. It’s an almost intuitive reaction to any pain that we want someone to fix it for us. Once the therapy starts out minds are diverted from what we need to do for ourselves.

Having said that, if you were to adopt the elite athlete approach to rehab and treat it as a full time job for a few weeks, the impact of a strength and flexibility training program, plus the addition of a wide range of modalities will dramatically speed up the rehab process.

Always keep in mind though that improving strength and flexibility is a long term proposition. You’re looking at months, not weeks.

That being the case you need to get cracking NOW!

The wrist pain rehab formula

The key to restoring poor wrist function to good is improving the strength and flexibility of all the major muscles groups of your body, in particular your shoulder, arms and wrists.

In a nutshell the rehab solution involves

  • Getting your body back into better alignment
  • Improving your overall body strength and flexibility
  • In particular improving the strength and flexibility of your upper body, shoulders, arms and wrists
  • Adopting the perfect posture while sitting in front of a computer - back of the chair upright and pressing into your back and abdomen pressing into the desk.

The Fix Wrist Pain program
will improve your strength and flexibility, and restore poor trunk, shoulder, arm, wrist and hand function to good.

Fix Wrist Pain contains

  • an outline of some of the most common causes of wrist pain. It will provide you with insight, awareness and an understanding as to what’s causing your pain.
  • some of the basic principles that underpin good function
  • descriptions of some of the key exercises you need to do to get your body back into better alignment and get your arms, wrists and hands back into good shape.
  • information about the benefits of a wide range of therapies that may help to speed up the rehab process.

Is this a quick fix?

Nope! Critical in all of this is the fact that you can’t expect a quick fix. Just as painful wrists don’t happen over night, you can’t expect them to become painless over night either.

If you sign up for this program it could take a couple of months for you to really feel the benefits, but in 10 years time, you’ll be able to look back and say it was a couple of months well spent.

For the program to work, all you have to do is spend some time each day doing some simple strength and flexibility exercises. If you can start going to the gym and improving strength generally, so much the better.

Heating, icing, anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy will help speed up the rehab process, but not take the place of that which you need to do for yourself.

Is this a quack fix?

Definitely not and I’ll tell you why. In most cases wrist pain is a fitness problem generated by a lack of strength and flexibility. This means the primary health care treatment will be a strength and flexibility training program.

It’s not a medical problem generated by a lack of Voltarin.

There are two definitions of a quack fix.

The first is using drugs to mask the pain without restoring poor function to good. This is the only weapon that the junk medical industry has at its disposal. It’s a weapon that is ineffective in the face of the onslaught to the musculo-skeletal system caused by a lack of strength and flexibility.

The second is where you have to keep going to therapy for months and years on end. The pain gets better, then after a time it gets worse - so you go back for more rubbing and heating. They make it better, you make it worse, they make it better, you make it worse ... ad infinitum.

You can’t solve a fitness problem with a medical solution, particularly where a drug is used to mask the pain.

You can’t solve a fitness problem with a rub down and a crunch.

You know this. That’s why you’ve come to this website.

Nor can you outsource your strength and flexibility training program to someone else.

It’s only when you treat the cause of the problem that you start getting better.

It’s my thesis that what you need is a graduated strength and flexibility training program. It’s the foundation of your treatment and without it, chances are other therapies will be ineffective.

Whilst any of the other therapies will help speed up the rehab process they will not take the place of the strength and flexibility training program you do for yourself.

What I’ve got for you in the Fix Wrist Pain program is a complete set of strength and flexibility exercises to help set you on the road to recovery.

I’ll teach you to become your own therapist

In the Fix Wrist Pain program I'll show you how to diagnose the likely cause(s) of your wrist pain and I'll teach you some of the key exercises you need to do to restore poor function to good.

If you don't have a regular set of trunk, shoulder, neck, arm and hand exercises you're getting weaker and tighter by the day increasing the inevitability of wrist pain.

Best of all the Fix Wrist Pain program is not going to cost you a fortune, just $7us, which is about the cost of a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

Is there a catch?

Yep, there sure is. I can give you the exercises but I can't do them for you.

Discover how you can get started today with the most appropriate, safe exercises to relieve your wrist pain.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their wrists back to 80% of good condition - or better. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you, for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal one being the condition is too far gone.

If after 80 days you are completely dis-satisfied with the program, and you don’t think I’ve given you $7us worth of value, I’ll refund your money. All you have to do is give it your best shot. I won’t be cheerful about the refund because I’ll know I haven’t been able to help you.

In a nutshell, here's what I'm going to do for you.

I'm going to do is give you a set of exercises that get your wrists back into a pain free state.

I’m going to save you a fortune pouring money into the pockets of therapists. From now on you're the therapist.

Make an immediate start on relieving your neck pain.

BUY the Fix Wrist Pain ebook NOW
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It comes with a 100% risk free money back guarantee


If after three months you are not completely satisfied with the program, I'll refund your money in full. I won’t be cheerful about the refund, just disappointed because I haven’t been able to help you.

All you have to do is give it your best shot.

The Fix Wrist Pain ebook is 100% downloadable. IMMEDIATELY!

So you can start doing the key exercises I recommend, straight away, I've made the entire program digitally accessible in PDF format. You can be reading it in a couple of minutes.

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Regards and best wishes for a pain free life.

John Miller


The key to reducing pain is getting your bones back into better alignment.

You do that by working on improving your strength and flexibility.

The pain you're experiencing is your body's way of telling you are out of alignment.

Act now to improve your productivity and lifestyle.