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I attended the session that you delivered in Hobart in 2008 I did gain a wealth of information that inspired me to take responsibility for my own spinal health.

I re-discovered the benefits of improved flexibility and I have since committed to a regular stretching routine that is certainly improving my spinal health and general wellbeing. By following the principles of the Global Back Care program I have seen a measurable improvement in my core strength, flexibility and range of joint mobility. Many thanks,



I attended you’re the Global Back Care program a couple of years ago and found the course very enlightening and worthwhile. Since the program I have performed most of the exercises demonstrated every night with very good results. I encourage by family and work mates with back complaints to do the same.

Regards David

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  • Is there tenderness around your kneecap and knee area?
  • Do you have burning or shooting pains in your knee when you walk?
  • Has it been gradually getting worse, year after year?
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Want to know how to fix Knee pain

The Fix Knee Pain ebook will provide you with clues as to the underlying cause of your knee pain and introduce you to some of the key exercises you need to do to restore poor knee function to good.

When it’s all boiled down, knee pain is a two-fold problem;

  • your leg bones are out of alignment and
  • the muscles around the joint are lacking in strength.
knee view frontMisalignment viewed from front on.

With the knees, misalignment can be a tough problem to rectify and certainly you can’t expect to fix overnight something that has taken years to develop.

The knees are a very vulnerable joint; they take a pounding with every step you take.

If you’re out of alignment, every step is doing you harm.

Once the bones become misaligned, ligaments, tendons and muscles are stretched beyond their pain threshold.

Then the ends of the bones start wearing against each other. Inflammation sets in and that too brings with it another source of pain. It’s called ‘arthritis’, bone (arthro) inflammation (itis).

For some people knee pain is a relatively temporary problem caused by over use - like ramping up a running program too quickly. Misalignment plays a part in the process; the extra running exposes the misalignment.

Rest, coupled with a strength and flexibility program will lead to a speedy recovery.

There’s a different problem for people who aren’t regular exercisers. What’s happened over many years is the gradual misalignment of the leg bones. What started off as a small problem has become a big problem. Big problems take longer to fix.

In fact, I have to be honest with you. If you’re trying to fix a long standing problem you can’t expect to fix it over night.

In the Fix Knee Pain ebook I’ll provide you with clues as to the underlying cause of your knee pain and provide you with some of the key exercises you need to do to get the leg bones back in better alignment. Once you’ve been able to do that, you’ll take the pressure off the joint and the pain will go away.

You’ll also need to strengthen the muscles that are located on either side of the knee joint, particularly the quadriceps muscle at the top of your thigh.

Treat the pain as a symptom of the misalignment.
Don’t just shoot the messenger.

The usual treatments for knee pain aim at getting rid of the pain without treating the underlying cause of the pain. So people strap it up and take anti-inflammatory tablets.

But if you don’t embark on a serious strength and flexibility training program, rubbing, crunching, heating, vibrating, strapping. Slicing and doping won’t lead to a satisfactory long term outcome.

In fact knee pain is not caused by a lack of rubbing, crunching, heating, vibrating, strapping, slicing and doping.

If you fail to take the path to realigning your leg bones, the only way to reduce the pain will be to curtail some of the activities you like doing. You’ll do the rounds of the therapists, you’ll clutch at straws, you’ll risk liver damage and high blood pressure by over-dosing on anti-inflammatories. Finally, at the end of a very long and painful chain of events you’ll throw in the towel and sign up for a knee replacement.

You want to avoid going down that track. That’s why you’ve come to this web page.

I have to be honest with you, with knees it can be a tough assignment, but at least you'd like to know that you've given it your best shot.

A tip: strengthen and loosen your quadriceps muscles. That could bring quick relief for knee pain. I'll show you how to do it.

Some people will experience pain relief in a few days, some in a few weeks, some in a few months. It all depends on the nature and severity of the dysfunction.

But how ever long it takes, the sooner you make a start, the sooner you'll experience the benefits.

Fix Knee pain ebook

Purchase your copy of the Fix Knee Pain ebook and I'll show you how.

What you'll get is a detailed outline of the causes of knee pain and some of the key exercises you need to do to get yourself back in better alignment.

Causes of knee pain?

If you've got knee pain you can be pretty certain that weak and tight muscles somewhere have allowed the bones on either side of your knee to move out of alignment. The bearing starts wearing out. Bones start to chew into the cartilage.

legs front view

You can imagine what legs like these are doing to your knee joints.
Chances are your doctor and your therapists haven’t been able to
tell you what’s caused your legs to bow out like this. It’s definitely
not normal. Rubbing and heating is not going to get them back
in alignment.

Maybe you’ve never looked to see whether you can stand with your heels together and knees touching.

I’ve got an exercise to help straighten the bones up and relieve the pressure on your knees.

Knee pain starts from the ground up

Your knee problem may have its origin in your feet. Maybe you’ve never looked to see whether your feet are in correct alignment. Get someone to take several photos of you from behind while you’re walking. There’s a good chance your feet will be out of alignment.

Just look at how your feet are placed while you’re standing. Either one or both feet may be splayed out. One foot may be in front of the other. Just standing is placing extra pressure on your knees.

You can imaging what’s going on further up the musculo-skeletal chain if your feet are like this.

It may start with your feet.

feet splayedankles inverted

feet misalignment

You may have trouble squaring your feet off when sitting down in this position because muscles on the side of your lower leg have become lazy and forgotten that one of their jobs is to keep your leg bones in correct alignment.

Retrain the muscles and your knee problem could be fixed in a few months.

If your knees are knocked in, or knocked out, you’ll be putting extra pressure on the joint. Probably no-one has ever got you to look at your knee caps and see whether they are in correct alignment.

Knees inwardKnees outward

Getting them back in alignment involves getting either your buttock muscles or the adductor muscles at the front of your thigh to start doing one of the jobs they’re supposed to do.

In fact we forget that an important job of muscles is to keep us in good postural alignment. Generally speaking we think muscles are just there to move us or objects from one place to the other.

Few people realise that a principal benefit of any strength or flexibility training program is to support the bones in good alignment - along with providing the function of locomotion. If you don’t have a good strength and flexibility training program it’s almost inevitable that sooner or later you’ll experience joint pain.

Knee pain also starts with your pelvis.

Muscles somewhere in your legs may have taken your pelvis out of alignment. When that happens you may favour one leg more than the other, putting extra pressure on one knee.

Get someone to take a photo of you from the front. That way you’ll be able to see whether your pelvis is out of alignment. If one side of your body is lower than the other the pelvis has dropped on one side. If you can see more of the back of one hand than the other the pelvis has been tilted back and/or rotated.

leaning to one side

If the pelvis is in poor alignment then chances are the knees will be in poor alignment. Every time you walk you’ll put more pressure on one knee than the other. The pain you’re experiencing is telling you the joint is wearing out.

The good news

The good news in all of this is that if muscles have caused bones to move out of alignment, then by getting the muscles back on the job, you can get the bones back in alignment.

Once the bones are back in alignment and well supported by strong muscles there’s a good chance your knee pain will vanish into thin air.

Two important principles of joint pain

The first principle of joint pain is that weak and tight muscles allow bones to move out of alignment. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that if you can work out which muscles are responsible for the mis-alignment and then loosen and strengthen them there’s a good chance you can fix the problem.

The second principle is that the cause of the problem is rarely at the site of the pain. This certainly applies to knee pain. If muscles around the pelvis have taken the pelvis out of alignment, and muscles around the feet have taken the feet out of alignment, then it’s almost inevitable that the bones of the upper and lower leg will be out of alignment. The knee joint becomes the meat in a very painful sandwich.

Get the Fix Knee pain ebook

In the Fix Knee Pain ebook I’ll help you to make an assessment of

  • which muscles have fallen down on the job
  • just how far out of alignment your feet and legs are
  • just how tight some of the muscles below your waist have become, particularly the quadriceps muscles on the top of your thigh.
  • just how weak the muscles below your waist are.

Then I’ll show you the exercises you need to do to improve your strength and flexibility and get your knees back in better alignment.


Two secret weapons

It’s frequently the case that people with sore knees have painfully tight quadriceps muscles.

Quad Stretch 01

When leaning back with the toe of one shoe on the bench, the quadriceps muscle on a painful knee is usually very tight. The bench needs to be the height of a kitchen bench.

Quad Stretch 02

Poor form; when leaning back, the knee that’s painful will usually be a long way away from knee of the supporting leg.

Quad Stretch 03

Good form; when leaning back, the knee of the leg on the bench is close to the knee of the supporting leg.

squat machine

Doing this exercise on a regular basis is the first of the secret weapons to fixing knee pain.

It’s also frequently the case that people with sore knees have weak quadriceps muscles.

This leg extension exercise strengthens the quadriceps and buttock muscles.

Squat down with thighs a smidgen below parallel to the floor. Use a light weight for the first set.

If, on the way down, you find there’s a ‘sticking point’ where it’s painful, lighten the weight. Over the weeks and months there’s a good chance the painful spot will disappear. Your knees will feel better.

The first set is always the hardest as the thighs and knees get into the swing of the exercise.

Do 3 sets each of 12 repetitions. Don’t use heavy weights. It’s a rehab program, not a body building program.

That’s the second of the secret weapons and there are a lot more in the Fix Knee Pain ebook. All it will cost you to get access to these exercises is $7us, that’s the price of a cup of coffee and a donut.

Plus you’re going to save yourself a fortune on therapies that don’t work nearly as effectively as the strength and flexibility exercises you do yourself.

What about therapists?

If you’ve come to this website chances are any manipulative therapy you’ve been having hasn’t been working as well as you’d like it to. You’re still in pain.

What I’m going to teach you to do is a set of exercises that will get to the underlying cause of your problem and be the foundation of your recovery. Any other therapy is the icing on the cake. It will help reduce the pain and speed up the rehab process

What I’m going to teach you to be is your own therapist. You’ll get to know your body better and how to look after it.

Don’t be fooled by the white coat. In getting yourself back into better alignment you don’t have to complicate the simple, you don’t have to make the cheap expensive. You don’t have to go anywhere except your own lounge room, though I do recommend going to the gym to use some of the strength training machines.

What I’ve got for you is straight forward, inexpensive and simple, deceptively simple. Being simple doesn’t mean ineffective, any more than being expensive means effective. You may well have been down the expensive route and it hasn’t been effective at all.

In the Fix Knee Pain program you’re going to trade your own time for money. All it’s going to cost you is $7us. Then it’s up to you to set time aside each day to do the exercises.

Nanometer by nanometer you’ll gradually get yourself back into better alignment. That’s why it’s going to take a while. Gradually you’re going to improve your strength. Gradually the pain will go away.

The pain is your feedback mechanism. When it’s gone away you’ll know your feet, legs and pelvis are back in better alignment.

By all means keep up with the therapy; it speeds up the rehab process. But what it doesn’t do is take the place of the things you need to do for yourself - your strength and flexibility training program.

Too many people put themselves in the hands of a manipulative therapist or chemist and then did nothing for themselves. No wonder they didn’t get better.

Start relieving your pain today with the
Fix Knee Pain Exercises

From this ….

Knee out alignment

…. To this

Knee in alignment

From this ….

sad face

…. To this

happy face

In the Fix Knee Pain ebook I outline in greater detail the likely cause(s) of your knee pain and provide you with some of the key exercises you need to do to eliminate it.

Is this a quick fix?

Doubtful. To be honest with you, some people will experience pain relief in a few days, some in a few weeks, some in a few months. For some it could take a year. When I had hip pain it took six months and when I had shoulder pain it took a year. So don’t be discouraged. It all depends on the nature and severity of the dysfunction. It all depends on how long it’s been in the making. It all depends on the time you’re prepared to spend on your strength and flexibility training program.

The flexibility part of it can be done in the evening while you’re watching TV.

You can’t expect something that’s taken 20 years to develop to be fixed over night. If you want to do that, book yourself in for a knee replacement - and watch 20 Grand disappear down the gurgler!

In my experience it’s going to take months not weeks.

But however long it takes, the sooner you make a start, the sooner you'll experience the benefits. The more time you can spend each and every day doing the exercises, the greater the chances of recovery.

If you were an elite athlete you’d spent 10 or more hours a day in a rehab environment. If fixing up your knee is one of your highest priorities then maybe if you took a few weeks off work and concentrated on fixing yourself up you’d get the best results.

Is it a quack fix?

Nope, it’s the real deal.

The medical industry calls a strength and flexibility training program ‘alternative medicine’. If you troll through their websites you’ll be scratching to find a single exercise. The words ‘strength’ and ‘flexibility’ don’t even rate a mention in their government sponsored position statements.

The medical industry will tell you that your pain is coming from a torn cartilage or arthritis. It won’t track down what’s causing the cartilage to tear and the bones to become inflamed. This industry has only two weapons - a scalpel and a drug.

It’s pretty much the same in the workers compensation arena. 80% of payouts go to people in dreadful physical condition, ‘injured’ doing things normal fit and healthy people take in their stride.

Well it’s there’s nothing alternative about a strength and flexibility training program and it’s definitely got nothing to do with medicine. The Fix Knee Pain program is the real deal. It’s a program designed to restore poor knee function to good by getting the bones on either side of the knee joint back into better alignment and the muscles around the joint stronger.

What would be ‘alternative’ is taking a drug to mask the pain.

How qualified am I to give you this advice?

I’m a physical educator of long standing who conducts the Global Back Care musculo-skeletal health program for corporate organisations.

Secondly I'm a qualified fitness practitioner having spent years running a fitness centre and running Global Back Care classes for people with musculo-skeletal pain.

Thirdly, I’ve had knee pain and worked out how get rid of it. The two things that made the biggest difference were the quadriceps stretch on the kitchen bench and strengthening the quadriceps muscle on the leg extension machine.

I want to pass my experiences on to you for the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Yes, that’s all it will cost you, $7us and some of your time.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their knees back to 80% of good condition - or better. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you, for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal one being the condition is too far gone.

If after 80 days you are completely dis-satisfied with the program, and you don’t think I’ve given you $7us worth of value, I’ll refund your money. All you have to do is give it your best shot. I won’t be cheerful about the refund because I’ll know I haven’t been able to help you.

In a nutshell, here's what I'm going to do for you.

I'm going to do is give you a set of exercises that get your knees back into alignment and better supported by the muscles around it.

I’m going to save you a fortune pouring money into the pockets of therapists. From now on you're the therapist.

Make an immediate start on relieving your neck pain.

BUY the Fix Knee Pain ebook NOW For ONLY $7us

It comes with a 100% risk free money back guarantee


If after three months you are not completely satisfied with the program, I'll refund your money in full. I won’t be cheerful about the refund, just disappointed because I haven’t been able to help you.

All you have to do is give it your best shot.

The Fix Knee Pain ebook is 100% downloadable. IMMEDIATELY!

So you can start doing the key exercises I recommend, straight away, I've made the entire program digitally accessible in PDF format. You can be reading it in a couple of minutes.

At the click of a button you can have the Fix Neck Pain ebook delivered to your computer in minutes for $7us. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

Click Here it Buy Fix Back Pain

Want more information. Using the contact form to send me an email.

Regards and best wishes

John Miller

If you are uncertain whether this is the program for you, send me an email (using the contact form) and tell me a bit about your condition, where it hurts and what you think caused it. Give me 24 hours and I'll get back to you.