Clickbank instructions for the
Global Back Care Affiliate program

The specific name of the Global Back Care program on Clickbank is ‘Fix Back Pain’.

1. Go to

2. Click on the ‘sign up’ tab at the very top of the Clickbank website.

3. Register as a Clickbank affiliate by completing all your details on the sign up form.

As part of the registration process you’ll create your own username and password.

4. Once you’re registered and you have a username and password ‘log in’.

5. Go to marketplace and type Fix back pain in the ‘find products’ box and click on the search icon.

6. Fix back pain will appear at the top of the list.

7. Click on the green ‘promote’ button and you’ll be taken through to the page where you can generate your own affiliate hop link tracking code by clicking on the green ‘create’ button..

8. You’ll get two pieces of code:

- one that looks like this:

(a.) and

- one that looks like this:

(b.) <a href=" "target="_top">Click Here!</a>

8. If you wish to embed your affiliate link into one of our ‘click here’ banner images, use link (a.). It will look and work like this for the banner below:

<a href=""><img src="how-to-fix-back-pain-234x60.jpg" alt="how-to-fix-back-pain-234x60" width="234" height="60" border="0" /></a>


9. If you just wish to embed the word ‘click here’ into your text, use link (b.).
It will look and act like this. Click Here!

John Miller

Global Back Care


Landing page:

If you are interested to promote the Fix Back Pain eBook series, you can signup to Promote Products at and access an affiliate link.

Fix Back Pain selection of banners and
eBook covers for your promotions

We recommend that you save these images on your own computer and insert them into you Pages on your website in your newsletters where you are promoting the global back Care set of ebooks.

Right button click and save image as

Backpain affiliate program banner 2 300 x 140 pixels
Backpain affiliate program banner 3 300 x 140 pixels
Backpain affiliate program banner 4 300 x 140 pixels
Backpain affiliate program banner 5 300 x 140 pixels

300 x 140 pixels


234 x 60 pixels


120 x 240 pixels





The key to reducing pain is getting your bones back into better alignment.

You do that by working on improving your strength and flexibility.

The pain you're experiencing is your body's way of telling you you are out of alignment.