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If you blame your bed...

You're not alone if you have back pain while you're lying in your bed trying to get to sleep.

You can't sneeze or cough without it feeling like there's a red hot poker in your back.

You can't turn over without experiencing the same sensation.

You blame your bed. You get a new one. The pain doesn't go away. You've done your dough.

What few people realize is that the pain is a symptom of bones that are out of alignment. Get the bones back into alignment and the pain should go away. It's not as tough an assignment as you might think.

All you have to do is spend a couple of hours a night, lying on the floor in front of the TV doing a few simple exercises. Most of those exercises don't involve any effort, just you lying on the floor relaxing off.

Your lower back pain sleeping is not going to go away over night. There is no magic wand you can wave over it, though some of the concoctions your chemist might dispense could go part of the way to giving you a better night's sleep. However lower back pain is not caused by a lack of Panadeine, Celebrex, glucosamine or Oxycodone.

You can ice and heat the area. The will settle it down a little. Ice and heat work together to relieve inflammation. Especially don't overlook ice. Wrap a piece of cloth around your body and stick an ice pack down it. Get two or three ice packs so you can keep replacing them as they warm up.

But lower back pain sleeping isn't caused by a lack of ice or heat either. This treatment is palliative. You'll be more comfortable but you're not getting better; yet!

You can buy a magnet belt. A lot of people swear by them, but bones that are out of alignment don’t get back into alignment by the mysterious forces of magnetism..

In bed, lying on your back with your legs on a couple of pillow will give you the same relief.

BUT, your lower back pain sleeping is not caused by a lack of pillows under your legs.

The main cause of back pain is vertebrae that are out of alignment.

The main cause of vertebrae being out of alignment is a pelvis that is out of alignment.

The main cause of a pelvis that is out of alignment is tight hamstring and buttock muscles.

So if you want to fix back pain you're going to have to loosen some of these muscles.

In the Fix Back Pain ebook I show you how to do that. It's not rocket science.

All if takes is a couple of hours on the floor every night for a couple of months, loosening tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.

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In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and get your body back into better alignment.

John Miller


John Miller