Back ache is not caused by a lack of Oxycodone. It’s caused by tight muscles attached to your pelvis - front, back and sides - taking first your pelvis and then the bones above it out of alignment.

  • It aches when you sit down. It aches when you stand up.
  • It aches when you’re in bed; you can’t turn over it hurts so much.
  • It aches when you're standing in line waiting at the checkout.
  • It aches when you bend down to put on your socks and do up your shoes.
  • It's a persistent dull ache that follows you around like a bad smell.

And then, when you sneeze or you cough it feels like someone is ramming a red hot poker into your back.

People ask you, ‘How are you going?’ You say, ‘Dreadful’. The back pain is even affecting your mind.

You’ve been to the doctor and he didn’t have a clue what to do. He prescribed Nurofen but that didn’t fix it.

So you went back to the doctor and he sent you for an X-ray. That didn’t fix it either. All the radiologist said is that you have a disc bulge. He didn’t say what caused it or what to do about it. He said, ‘That’s the doctor’s job.’

In fact you’ve become the victim of a demarcation dispute between doctors and radiologists. Worse still, you’ve hit the opposite to Phil Spectre’s wall of sound, a wall of ignorance.

The doctor still doesn’t have a clue what’s caused the problem so he whips out the pen again and this time he prescribes the ‘Big O’ - Oxycodone.

Here’s how far the world has progressed. When it comes to the treatment of joint pain about the only difference between 18th Century medicine and 21st Century is that Laudanum has been replaced by Oxycodone.

For those interested in preparing their own laudanum, here is the recipe of Dr. A.W. Chase, M.D. 1874.

Best Turkey opium, 1 oz.; slice, and pour upon it boiling water, 1 gill (1/4 pint), and work it in a bowl or mortar until it is dissolved; then pour it into the bottle, and with alcohol of 76 per cent. proof, 1/2 pt., rinse the dish, adding the alcohol to the preparation, shaking well, and in 24 hours it will be ready for use. Dose -- Form 10 to 30 drops for adults, according to the strength of the patient, or severity of the pain.

You front up to the chemist with the script, but he’s a mate and he says, ‘If you take that stuff you could become addicted and then your stuffed. It won’t fix the cause of your problem. Talk to your gym instructor.’

You go to the gym and tell your fitness instructor about it and he says, ‘Sit on the floor up against a wall and I’ll check how tight your hamstrings are.’

They’re tight. You can’t sit in close to the wall. You look like this.

backache test 1: sit close to wall

Then he says, ‘See if you can sit up straight with your legs crossed in this position.’

backache test 2: sitting

You can’t, you keep falling over backwards. You look like this.

backache test 3: sitting

The fitness instructors says, ‘There you go, your buttock and hamstring muscles are too tight. Loosen them off and your back should get better.’

You do and it does.

In the meantime stay tuned, highly tuned and when you’ve squared up your pelvis there’s a good chance your back pain will have disappeared.

John Miller

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