Introducing the Nubax Trio

The Nubax® Trio is a portable traction device that can be used safely, easily and effectively in your home.

Made in Perth and endorsed by the Department of Human Movement Studies at the University of WA, the Nubax Trio provides you with spinal decompression in a way that is simpler, safer, more comfortable than hanging upside down.

Nubax Trio

The Nubax® Trio:

  • helps relieve lower back pain by freeing up the vertebrae and taking pressure off the discs
  • enables users to apply traction to the spine under their own control, wherever and whenever they need it
  • provides a credible alternative to intermittent traction
  • applies a gentle but strong static traction force
  • maintains a correctly aligned spine while the stretch is applied between the shoulders and the pelvis.

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Nubax is the first product we've recommended to help speed up the back pain rehab process and restore poor function to good.

We bought one and we liked it so much we're recommending it to Global Back Care customers.

 Nubax Trio Back Stretcher

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We recommend you use it in conjunction with the exercises in our fix back pain ebook series.

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