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John, I find I am more supple with practicing the exercises you taught me taught to me.

My husband has also started using my sheet of exercises to help his flexibility. The exercises are challenging and it is amazing what the body can do once it starts being gently stretched. My back problem has improved tremendously.


Informative and helpful

I found your session very informative and helpful to me. I have been doing some of your exercises at the gym after my regular workout and I feel that the stretching after my gym workout is really helping to relieve stress and tension within both my mind and body.

I have also been concentrating on strengthening my core body muscles, as my back feels better when I do these exercises. I have little to no problems sleeping since I have been going to the gym regularly and stretching at the end of each workout, with some of the exercises you prescribed. I find the glute stretch you prescribed very useful and the one where you cross your legs and push your bottom to the wall.


If you want to Fix Achilles Tendon Pain, Calf or Shin Pain - treat the cause, not just the symptoms -

Achilles tendon pain, Calf and shin pain is a symptom of a lower body that’s out of alignment. Fixing the problem can be a tough assignment.

If you search the literature and the internet you'll mostly find recommendations like rest, ice, stretch and take anti-inflammatories.

They're useful treatments and I've included them in my mix, but they don't get to the cause of the problem which is feet, ankles, legs and hips that are out of alignment coupled with a less than perfect foot strike.

In the Fix Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain ebook I make every effort to help you work out which parts of your body are out of alignment. Having done that I provide you with strategies to get them back into alignment. Buy the ebook now for $7 Fix Achilles Tendon Pain, Calf or Shin Pain.

If you’ve got calf, Achilles and shin pain here’s what your feet could look like.

Feet splayed out.

Feet splayed out.

One foot more splayed than the other.

One foot more splayed than the other.

One foot in front of the other.

One foot in front of the other.

And guess what supination and pronation are doing to your calves and Achilles tendons?

Left foot neutral, right foot pronated.

Left foot neutral, right foot pronated.

Left foot neutral, right foot supinated.

Left foot neutral, right foot supinated.

If thigh and buttock muscles are tighter on one side than the other, your pelvis will probably be tilted back, rotated or one hip lower than the other. The effect on your calves, Achilles and shins could be quite dramatic. Every time you walk, jog or run you put more pressure on one leg than the other

Every step is doing you harm.

Principles of musculo-skeletal dysfunction

There are two key principles of musculo-skeletal dysfunction:

  1. It’s muscles that cause bones to move out of alignment. So when you look at the foot diagrams above there are muscles somewhere that have fallen down on the job and need to be re-activated.
  2. The cause of the pain is rarely at the site of the pain. This means that if you’ve got calf, Achilles and shin pain, you probably need to spend time squaring off your feet, your legs and your pelvis - rather than just leaving the rehab process to rubbing, heating, icing, vibrating and doping..

If your body is out of alignment you predispose yourself to lower leg pain. You may last for years without a problem, but just a small bit of overuse could bring it on. You think it’s come from out of the blue. You try to pinpoint an incident. Chances are you’ll blame the incident. The last thing you’ll do is blame the long term effect of a gradually decline of strength and flexibility in the muscles attached to you feet, legs and pelvis and the misalignment of that comes with it.

What this means is that if you plan to be a runner or a sports person of any kind, you have to have a regular and systematic strength and flexibility program that goes beyond trying to push trees over before you go for a run.

Very few people are aware that the main reason why they need to embark on a strength and flexibility training program is to support their body in correct alignment.

So what sets this book apart?

If there is anything that sets my book apart from others it is the advice (and exercises) I give you to help you square up your pelvis, legs and feet.

In fact I'm going to suggest you spend some time each evening doing the same sort of exercises that I'd suggest to my clients with back, hip and knee pain.

I recommend you find out whether you're lop-sided by standing on a pair of scales.


This will provide you with clues about why you are persistently tearing muscles on one side of your body, as well as suggest which exercises you need to do to square yourself up.

There's a heap of other recommendations. Here's a selection, but you'll need the book to find out exactly how to do them to best effect.

achillies warmer

If you’ve got Achilles pain, you’ll get relief with 24 hour icing, with ice packs stuffed down the back of neoprene anklets.

wall calf stretch

No 1 Achilles and calf stretch

If you have Achilles tendonitis, calf or shin pain there's a good chance your foot strike is not quite right. I suggest ways you can go about finding out exactly what's happening as your feet strike the ground.

There are recommendations in the book that you may not have heard of and which could just make the difference between you fixing yourself up quickly or still having Achilles, calf and shin pain for another 12 months. Imagine what that's going to do to your training program?

But I'll let you in on a secret. There is synergy in involving a range of treatments and therapies. There is no one fix.

calf stretch

There is a high likelihood that you'll benefit from the combined effect of the small gains you get from a wide range of therapeutic modalities.

Here’s another secret, from yours truly, who’s had Achilles tendonitis, calf and shin pain: constant icing and constant dorsi-flexing.

Make an immediate start on getting rid of
Achilles Tendon Pain, Calf or Shin Pain.

In the ebook, Fix Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain I outline the likely causes of your pain and provide you with exercises and strategies to restore poor function to good.

I stress the benefits that come with the persistent use of a range of modalities, to fix your dysfunction. But it’s not just about relieving pain; it’s about treating the underlying cause of the problem of which the pain is but a symptom.

How do you know when the problem has been fixed?

You’ll be pain free.

How long will it take?

Because strengthening, loosening and re-aligning is a gradual process that happens bit by bit, nanometer by nanometer, it could be months. But in ten years time you’ll look back and thank the gods that you’ve been pain free for nine and a three quarter years.

I've got a section on working with your podiatrist to analyse your foot strike. If you can't get your feet right, then chances are you're going to suffer from persistent Achilles, calf and shin pain. You may need wedges or orthotics.

The results of the work your podiatrist does will better equip your shoe salesperson to provide you with the right set of shoes. In fact calf and Achilles pain may well be a sign that you need a new pair of running shoes. It’s probably best to have several pair on the go at the same time.


I suggest you experiment with your running shoes. I read a review about the difference ‘rocker shoes’ can make to calf and Achilles pain. I also had a friend recommend I get a pair. So I did, and I found they made a big difference to calf pain and lingering Achilles tendonitis.

I recommend you get a pair. Try them out. What have you got to lose?

A word about taking it easy

My advice; be gentle. If you’re a runner, stop running, start walking, get on the stepper, the cross trainer, cycle or swim to keep up your level of aerobic fitness.

Once you’re confident that the pain has eased sufficiently for you to start jogging (not running) again, only run on grass. Begin with 5 minutes the first day, cross train the second day, 6 minutes the third … until you’re back running pain free.

And take the advice of someone who knows and don’t repeat the mistake that lot of runners made; training too soon and training too hard. All that will happen is that you’ll end up back where you started.

Remember when it comes to calf, Achilles and shin pain, you’re dealing with a multi-factorial problem. To prevent the pain from coming back, your future training program will need to include strength and flexibility exercises as well as running and a daily does of ‘The Stick’.

What I’ve got for you in the Fix Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain ebook is a complete set of strength and flexibility exercises, coupled with advice about shoes and a range of therapeutic modalities that will help set you on the road to recovery.

Is this a quick fix?

Nope! Critical in all of this is the fact that you can’t expect a quick fix. Just as painful calves, Achilles and shins don’t happen over night, you can’t expect them to become painless over night either. I reckon you should aim to have it fixed in 80 days. Anything earlier is a bonus.

If you sign up for this program it could take a couple of months for you to really feel the benefits, but in 10 years time, you’ll be able to look back and say it was a couple of months well spent.

Is this a quack fix?

Definitely not and I’ll tell you why. In most cases calf, Achilles and shin pain is a fitness problem generated by a lack of strength and flexibility which in turns leads to misalignment of the bones in the feet, legs and hips. This misalignment puts extra strain on your calves, Achilles and shins.

You can’t solve a fitness problem with a medical solution. Taking a drug to mask the pain doesn’t go to the heart of the problem either. Just taking a drug and expecting things to clear up is an example of junk medicine. It may be something you have to do, but it can’t be the only thing.

Also you can’t solve a fitness problem with a rub down and a crunch.

Nor can you outsource your strength and flexibility training program to someone else.

Is this a Cheap Fix?

Yep, it sure is. You can purchase the Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain ebook for $7us.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their calves, Achilles and shins back to 80% of good condition - if they’re diligent. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you, for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal ones being the condition is too far gone, you fail to put in the time doing the exercises or you start running before it is safe to do so.

You have to do something to yourself. That something is embarking on a regular and systematic strength and flexibility training program. It’s the foundation of good musculo-skeletal function, on which all other therapies rest.

If you do the exercises I recommend, as often as I recommend and for as long as I recommend, in 80 days you’ll be feeling much better. If you’re not, I’ll refund your money and apologise to you for wasting your time.

In a nutshell, what I’m going to do is:

  • give you a set of exercises that gets your feet, legs and pelvis back into alignment and better supported by the muscles around them.
  • suggest a range of therapies and things to do that will speed up the rehab process. The best fix will definitely be a multi-factorial fix.

I’ll teach you to become your own therapist

I'll show you how to diagnose the likely cause(s) of your calf, Achilles and shin pain and I'll show you some of the key exercises you need to do to restore poor function to good.

Best of all the Fix Calf, Achilles and Shin Pain ebook is not going to cost you a fortune, just $7us, the cost of a hamburger and fries.

Is there a catch?

Yep, there sure is. I can give you the exercises but I can't do them for you.

Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain ebook

BUY the Fix Achilles Tendon Pain, Calf or Shin Pain NOW For ONLY $7us

The Fix Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain ebook is 100% downloadable...IMMEDIATELY!

So you can start doing the key exercises I recommend, straight away, I've made the entire program digitally accessible in PDF format. You can be reading it in a couple of minutes.


If after three months you are not completely satisfied with the program, I’ll refund your money. All you have to do is give it your best shot. I won’t be cheerful about the refund because I’ll know I haven’t been able to help you.

At the click of a button you can have the Fix Achilles tendon pain Calf and Shin Pain ebook delivered to your computer in minutes for $7us.

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Regards and best wishes for a pain free life.

John Miller


The key to reducing pain is getting your bones back into better alignment.

You do that by working on improving your strength and flexibility.

The pain you're experiencing is your body's way of telling you are out of alignment.

Act now to improve your productivity and lifestyle.