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I’ll provide you with definite clues as to why you’re in pain and what you can do to relieve it.

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I can now bend over

It got to the point late last year where I could not bend over and then to the point where I was in serious acute pain and could not even go from standing to sitting (or reverse) without major spasms.

My physiotherapist provided me with some exercises and they were helping but I knew that what you had provided were much more comprehensive.

I can now bend over, get up in the morning and be able to move and don't have constant pain. Initially if I missed one day of exercises I was in real trouble by that night but now I am able to do so and I am still ok - I believe that my overall alignment is improving and even though I still have a way to go, I am at least not living with constant pain.


No more chiropractor

I am a 56 yo male Senior Executive with a desk job that also involves frequent plane travel. Prior to attending the Global Back Care Clinic I was a regular visitor to chiropractors seeking relief from chronic lower back pain, exacerbated by unequal hip height.

Although these visits relieved the problem temporarily, they left me unsatisfied that I was really addressing the underlying cause. Since attending John's program I have been able to maintain flexibility and build strength in my lower back to such an extent that I have not needed chiropractic manipulation.


A huge differencei

I have found that the exercises and the direction you have given me have made a huge difference to my back problem (bulging discs around L4, L5).

I was on pain medication daily for about 5 months and no longer require them. Since you directed me with these exercises, coupled with deep tissue massage my condition is improving. This has also made me aware that the operation would have only been a mask of the problem as I was never told what caused this problem or any alternate methods of correcting it. I have no doubt that this is the better way to deal with this condition. As you said this would take at least 8 to 12 months, I still have a long way to go."

Thanks heaps: Stephen

At Global Back Care we believe we have the simplest, most effective and cheapest way to relieve back pain and other musculo-skeletal pain.

The thousands of people who have downloaded our ebooks and been to our courses have been able to relieve their pain by strengthening their bodies and getting them back into better alignment.

Back pain and other musculo-skeletal pain isn’t caused by a lack of rubbing, crunching, heating, vibrating, slicing or Ibuprofen.

Nor is it a medical problem!

For the vast majority of people musculo-skeletal pain is definitely not a medical problem. It’s a fitness problem, an alignment problem, generated by weak and tight muscles and if you’re waiting for the medical industry to invent the pill to get you back in better alignment, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

The foundation of rehab from back pain and other musculo-skeletal pain is the strength and flexibility exercises that get your body back in alignment and well supported in that alignment. You need to be strong enough to do what ever it is you want to do without breaking down.

On top of that foundation are the range of therapies that involve rubbing, crunching, icing, heating, vibrating and doping. Their role is to reduce inflammation and speed up the rehab process, but without the exercise foundation you’re taking pot luck that they will realign your body.

Your objective is to restore poor function to good, not just mask the pain.

Money down the toilet

I’m going to show you how to save yourself a fortune in therapist’s fees - and get rid of your pain for good.

Chances are you’ve been spending a fortune on doctors and therapists and not getting the results you want. You’re pouring good money after bad down the therapeutic black hole. You’re doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

What I’ve got for you is different. There’s no driving across town for a crunch. No spending hours in surgery waiting rooms.

I’m going to teach you to be the therapist, in your own home.

Do you want to get better?
It’s time to start helping yourself

If other people haven’t helped you get better, it’s time you started helping yourself.

In fact it’s the ‘doing something to yourself’ that will have the greatest impact on your recovery. What other people do to you is the icing on the top of the cake, not the cake.

I’m going to teach you how to fix yourself. You’ll be the therapist

I’ll help you search for the cause of the pain

Find the the cause of the pain for back pain relief

If you’ve got any sort of musculo-skeletal pain you want to get rid of it as soon as you can.

Taking a pain killer is the quickest way to do that, but you know that all that does is mask the pain not treat the cause of the pain. That’s why you’ve come to this website.

The likely cause is that

  • tight muscles have taken bones out of alignment
  • weak muscles aren’t providing the support joints need to do whatever they’re designed to do.

I’ll teach you where to look for the cause of your pain. If it’s lower back pain it may not be at the site where it’s painful.

Musculo-skeletal Pain 101

  1. Find the cause of the problem. When something is broken, it’s pointless trying to fix it if you don’t know what’s caused the breakdown in the first place.
  2. Muscles move bones out of alignment. That’s the bad news. The good news is that muscles can move bones back into alignment.
  3. The cause of the pain is rarely at the site of the pain. Rubbing, crunching, heating and vibrating at the spot where it hurts isn’t going to provide a lasting fix - neither is a pill to mask the pain. Where I come from that’s called junk medicine.
  4. Pain is the messenger telling you to get yourself back in alignment. Don’t just shoot the messenger with pill. To do so is like turning off a warning light on your dash board by cutting the wire that leads to it.

Here’s what poor alignment does to you.


You’re out camping and someone slackens off one of the guy ropes of your tent. Likely as not if won’t take long before the whole tent collapses.

Chances are that if you’re in pain, the ‘tent’ is leaning over and a few of the ‘guy ropes’ need adjusting.

tyres wearing

Imagine that one of the front tyres on your car is wearing unevenly. You take it to your mechanic and he recommends you replace the tyre. You know, and I know, that if all you do is replace the tyre the same thing is going to happen again.

You need to have your wheels re-aligned and the tyres balanced. It’s not a five minute job.

If motor mechanics provided their clients with the quality of advice for tyre wear that doctors are providing their patients for back pain they’d go out of business.

Here are a couple of quick tests that will provide you with clues as to the underlying cause of your pain.

To provide you with clues as to why the bones of your lower back have moved out of alignment, take the following simple set of tests. You’ll gain valuable insight as to the underlying cause of your pain and what you need to do to get rid of it. The likelihood of your doctor ever giving you this assessment is remote in the extreme, same with your physiotherapist and chiropractor - and most of the other resources you’ll find on the internet.

1. What’s your general flexibility like?
What’s your general flexibility like?

Are the muscles on the back side of your body flexible enough to allow you to put your socks on while standing on one leg?

If you can't, you've definitely tightened up - calf, hamstring, buttock and back muscles. Crunching your lower back bones isn’t going to improve your flexibility.

2. Can you sit up straight against a wall?

If you can’t sit up straight you’ve got tight hamstrings - which are high on the list of suspects for lower back, neck and shoulder pain.

Can you sit up straight against a wall? Can you sit up straight against a wall
Sitting up straight Hamstrings too tight.
3. Are your buttock muscles too tight?
Are your buttock muscles too tight?

Can you sit up straight in this position with your hands clasped behind your back? Along with tight hamstrings tight buttock muscles are high on the list of suspects for back, neck and shoulder pain.

4. Do you have a sore knee?
Sore Knee

If you do, chances are leaning back while the toe of your shoe is on the kitchen bench will be painful.

I’ll tell you what it means and what you can do to get rid of the pain.

5. Do you have a sore shoulder?
sore shoulder

An inability to get your forearms, wrists and fingers against the wall provides valuable clues as to why you’ve got sore shoulders - as will your ability to do pressups.

6. Do you have a sore neck?
sore neck

An inability to get your head against the wall while you’re looking straight ahead will tell you one of the things you need to do to eliminate neck pain - and it’s not just pulling your head in!

I’ve got a number of diagnostic instruments like these that will provide you with insight as to what’s causing your pain. Once you know which muscles to strengthen and which muscles to loosen, you’ll be on the road to a pain free recovery.

So, what do you have to do?

It's likely that up to now you've been spending months, if not years going to chemists, rubbers, crunchers and vibraters. Therapy has its place, but getting rid of your pain for good involves more than having people do something to you.

Therapy begins at home.

If you want to dramatically enhance your chances of getting better you need to spend time each day doing the strength and flexibility exercises I’ve got for you. How long you need to spend depends on which part of your body is in pain, how long it’s been painful and how soon you want to be pain free. Not only wasn’t Rome built in a day, it took longer than a day to dismantle it.

You won’t have seen many of the exercises I’ve got for you in the Global Back Care series of ebooks.

If you have backache, most of the exercises will involve minimal effort; just you lying on the floor letting gravity do the work for you while you watch TV, read a book or drift off with the fairies.

It’s that easy.

It will take some time. Don’t kid yourself you're going to make a difference doing a few exercises for 5 minutes three times a week any more than having a rub down and a crunch once a week will make much of a difference.

I also recommend you start a good strength training program either at home or at the gym. I’ll show you how to do that.

I highly recommend you attend a yoga class. If the Chinese have been doing it for a couple of thousand years, then maybe it's time you started doing it as well.

Is this a quick fix?

I’ll be honest with you. What I’ve got for you could well be a quick fix. In a week or so you could be feeling a lot better.

On the other hand it may take a few weeks or even months.

Think about it. If it’s taken years for bones to be drawn out of alignment, expecting to get them back into alignment in a few days is a very big ask. It may take weeks, maybe months to gradually get your bones back in better alignment and for the pain to go away.

But in ten year’s time, whether it was days, weeks or months to finally become pain free you’ll look back and say it was worth it.

Is this a quack fix?

Nope, definitely not. The definition of a quack fix is one that either masks the symptoms of the pain without treating the underlying cause of the pain, or requires you to keep going back for more treatment.

What I’m going to give you is a tried and tested program to get your body back in better alignment and strong enough to do whatever you want to do without hurting yourself and without causing pain.

I’m going to show you how to restore poor function to good and once you’re pain free you’ll know what to do to keep yourself pain free.

Is this a Cheap Fix?

Yep, it sure is. You can purchase the whole Global Back Care series of ebooks for $27us, less than half the cost of a consultation with a chiro or a physio. Most of the individual books can be purchased for less than the cost of a sandwich and a cup of coffee. After that the advice is free.

A word about therapy

Therapy may well begin at home but it doesn’t end there. By all means continue with a range of therapeutic modalities.

Just remember that therapy speeds up the rehab process but does not take the place of the things you need to do for yourself.

The foundation of your treatment is the strength and flexibility exercises you do to yourself.


I have the belief that for 80% of people there’s an 80% chance they can get their bodies back to 80% of good condition if they’re diligent. Most people would be happy with these odds.

But I’ll be straight with you; for some people this program may not work, for any number of reasons, the principal one being the condition is too far gone or you don’t spend sufficient time doing the exercises.

If after 80 days you are not completely satisfied with the program, and you think I’ve over promised and under-delivered, I’ll refund your money. All you have to do is give it your best shot. I won’t be cheerful about the refund because I’ll know I haven’t been able to help you.

If at any time you want to get in touch with me, if you’ve got any questions, queries, comments or complaints, feel free to write to me using the contact form. I’d love to hear from you.

A final word from the Surgeon General

'You the individual, can do more for your own health and well being than any doctor, any hospital, and drug, any exotic medical advice.' 1979.

NOW make an immediate start on relieving your pain by purchasing the Global Back Care ebooks

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How to Fix back Pain ebook

Fix Back Pain covers just about everything you need to know about the causes and treatment of lower back pain.

What you'll get in the Fix Back Pain ebook is firstly, a detailed outline of the causes of back pain.

Secondly I'll teach you some of the key exercises you need to do to strengthen and loosen the muscles designed to keep your back in good alignment. Do that there's a good chance your pain will go away.

If you need lower back pain relief we strongly suggest you purchase the Fix back Pain ebook. It's the foundation book in the series and contains a lot of the basic information you need to know to understand what's happened to you.

How to Fix Neck Pain ebook

Fix Neck Pain

Discover Neck Pain Relief with Neck Pain Exercises

In the Fix Neck Pain ebook we show you how to diagnose and treat the cause of neck pain and fix both Shoulder and Neck Pain.

Here's what you'll get:

  • a detailed outline of neck pain causes.
  • some of the key exercises you need to do to relieve your neck pain.

I'll show you how to strengthen and loosen the muscles designed to keep your head on the top of your shoulders.

How to Fix Shoulder Pain ebook

Fix Shoulder Pain

Fix Shoulder Pain has a detailed description of why people get shoulder pain.

A third of your shoulder pain probably comes from the same place as lower back pain - tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles.

Another third of your pain comes from weak shoulder muscles.

The final third of your pain comes from tight muscles around your shoulders.

I'll provide you with the exercises you need to do to get your shoulders back in good shape.

How to Fix Wrist Pain ebook

Fix Wrist Pain

The species designed to draw water, chop wood and climb trees can no longer tap a keyboard of push a mouse without coming down with painful wrists.

Wrist pain is often diagnosed as an over-use injury. I suspect that much of it comes from under-use. People don't have a regular and systematic strength training program for their torso, shoulders, arms and wrists.

How to Fix Hip Pain ebook

Fix Hip Pain

There's an epidemic of hip pain caused by legs and hips that are ut of alignment.

I'll show you exercises that are going to get your hips back in better alignment. When you do some of these exercises you won't believe how weak and tight some of the muscles around your hips and pelvic area have become.

The alignment of your legs, how you stand, how you walk and how much of your time you send sitting down have a critical impact on hip function.

It could be the case that the hip that is painful is protecting the one that is more dysfunctional.

How to Fix Knee pain ebook

Fix Knee pain

There's an epidemic of knee pain caused by weak and tight muscles.

I'll show you exercises that are going to get your knees back in better alignment. When you do these exercises you won't believe how tight some of the muscles in your legs and backside have become - placing pressure on your knee joints. You could get quick relief by strengthening and loosening your quadriceps muscles.

How to Fix Achilles Tendon, Calf and Shin Pain ebook

Fix Achilles Tendon, Calf and Shin Pain

I outline the likely causes of your calf and achilles tendon pain and provide you with exercises and strategies to restore poor function to good. Painful Achilles come with tight calf, hamstring and buttock muscles.

I'll tell you about the benefits that come with using a range of modalities - persistently - to fix your dysfunction. In particular I'll introduce you to The Stick.

You'll get exercises you won't have seen at other Achilles tendonitis sites.

These exercises are designed to square you up. When your body is in better alignment you'll take some of the pressure off your feet and lower legs.

To make an immediate start on relieving your musculo-skeletal pain you can purchase each of these books individually, or you can ungrade your order and purchase the lot for $27us

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3 Fix Shoulder Pain $7.00 US
4 Fix Wrist Pain $7.00 US
5 Fix Hip Pain $7.00 US
6 Fix Knee Pain $7.00 US
7 Fix Achilles Tendonitis, calf and shin pain $7.00 US
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Regards and best wishes for a pain free life.

John Miller


The key to reducing pain is getting your bones back into better alignment.

You do that by working on improving your strength and flexibility.

The pain you're experiencing is your body's way of telling you are out of alignment.